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Why people use E-Shisha Pens

E-Shihsa Pens & E-Shihsa Sticks

E-Shisha Pens are popular with both smokers and non-smokers and since they can come with or without nicotine, it’s easy for the two groups to enjoy all the great benefits of smoking without any of the negative connotations usually present with real smoke. They are often compared to electronic cigarettes and there are similarities between the two, such as the presence of artificial smoke, which is usually harmless water vapour, formed using a common food additive, such as propylene glycol. E-Shisha Sticks are the same of E-Shisha Pens with the difference in name being a matter of personal preference.

E-Shisha Pens derived from the Middle Eastern practice of Shisha, also known as Hookah, which was primarily flavoured tobacco smoked through an extravagant pipe. This practice soon spread to other countries and the electronic version proved even more popular. Ironically, E-Shisha doesn’t bear much resemblance to shisha since there is no tobacco in it, with the only real similarity being the presence of flavour. They can have a variety of flavours and many of the E-Shisha Pens last longer than conventional e cigarettes, as well as giving a more realistic smoking experience by producing more smoke and lasting longer than e cigs, which is why many prefer E-Shisha Sticks.

Lots of people like to smoke but nobody likes to risk their health, particularly with so many cancer causing chemicals found in regular cigarettes. That is probably the main reason for the success of E-Shisha Pens, with their popularity among young and trendy folk exploding in recent years. Most e cigs give a decent amount of artificial smoke but E-Shisha Pens give significantly more and the ability to inhale and exhale for hours gives people a great sensation and lots of enjoyment.

The E-Shisha Pens are constructed using similar components to an e c-cig, namely a battery and cartridge of some sort. The cartridge contains all the necessary chemicals to produce the smoke-like vapour and flavour if needed, while the battery heats up the cartridge when it is inhaled to complete the process. Since E-Shisha Pens don’t contain any tobacco they can be used indoors and in areas where regular cigarettes are banned, giving them plenty of proponents even with bystanders worried about passive smoke.

E-Shisha Pens & E-Shisha Sticks Summary- Electronic Shisha!!!

One significant difference between E-Shisha Pens and e cigs is that the latter almost always contains nicotine in the cartridges; however, the former prominently comes without nicotine and is therefore preferred by non-smokers. Both of these products give people total control over what is in their cartridges and even though some come with or without nicotine, it’s easy to customize to individual needs. There isn’t any restriction over what flavour or nicotine content an E-Shisha Pen can have and many use them recreationally as a fun product, rather than a necessity, which is often the case with e cigs. Lots of people consider E-Shisha to be a fun product while enjoying themselves with friends and even celebrities realize how great they are.

Electronic Shisha Fruit Flavours


Where Can You Find The Best E Cigarette!

The Best E Cigarette

The best e cigarette is a matter of opinion but most people will agree that long-life battery and cartomiser use are the main things to look for in the best e cigs, which is why some people prefer to buy premium electronic cigarettes instead of the normal e cigs on offer. With the premium version there is usually a bit more care taken about its design and usability and it can cost a bit more than average e cigarettes, however, normal e cigs still provide an exceptional smoking alternative and most brands put just as much effort into all of their e cig products, with the premium products slightly better engineered, which might suit long term e cig users as opposed to those new to the market.

New users of e cigs probably won’t care about the best e cigarette and they might be more comfortable trying out e cig using a disposable one at first, which has the benefit of being very cheap and easy to use, it’s just a case of inhaling the same way one would with real cigs and when the cartomiser is finished the e cig is easy to dispose of. This is the best option for new e-smokers and provides a no obligation way for them to try e cigs for the first time. If they would like to try with a refillable version they can look around for an e cig starter kit and if they’re really lucky a free trial might be available, which is one of the best ways to start e smoking. These are the most common methods for first time users but even those who have been using e cigs for a while still like to use the starter kits or disposable versions. Regardless of whether it’s a premium electronic cigarette or a disposable cheap e cig there will always be huge financial gains over conventional tobacco cigarettes, one of the many advantages they offer.

The best e cigarette on the market would be impossible to find because there is so much variety, with different brands and big companies in competition for an increasingly popular market. The number of smokers converting to an electronic version each year is growing exponentially as people appreciate how beneficial they are and even real cigarette manufacturers are offering electronic alternatives now. They have different flavours and sizes available, as well as different strengths so you can regulate your nicotine intake very accurately. They use cartridges with nicotine and some other chemicals to imitate the vapour; which are harmless in comparison to real cigarettes. One cartridge can usually last the equivalent of thirty real cigarettes before it needs to be replaced so it’s easy to manage the cartomisers by comparing it to how many normal cigs would be smoked.

The best e cigarette will be easy to find and everyone can choose one that’s unique to them and suits their personal style, just as with normal cigarettes. The brands, flavours and styles are abundant and the market is always expanding so smokers are spoilt for choice, as well as special offers.

Stop smoking real cigarettes - e cigarettes

The Best Electronic Cigarette Product Brand in the Market

So what is the best electronic cigarette?

Choose the best electronic cigarette product brand in the market. Choose wisely, don’t be in a rush. Do some research; compare each brand, read different reviews from previous users.  Jot down the pros and the cons of every brand. Once you find the right one that fits to your needs then find a good price over the internet and remember choose only the best electronic cigarette in the market because choosing the right and best electronic cigarette is very essential decision when switching from real cigarette to e-cigarette. The best E-cigarette is smokeless, it doesn’t have such harmful effect in your body if compare to standard cigarette or any other tobacco cigarette. You can smoke it everywhere you want and it is totally legal that’s the best thing about electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarette is the best use instead of standard cigarette because electronic cigarette is not dangerous to your health and you can smoke electronic cigarette without nicotine.

There are many reasons why people decide to smoke the best electronic cigarette instead of the conventional cigarette. No matter what the reasons are, every one of them can be grasp if there are best electronic cigarette.

Why is it essential to select the best electronic cigarette? There are accompanied reasons to reflect on before you buy your e-cigarette. The following concerns are set randomly and not by level of significance since smokers have diverse likes.

1. Long-term. Based on the best electronic cigarette evaluation, e-cigarettes that have batteries that can last for a long time are more convenient and save more. It will be a aggravate if you will constantly charge your electronic cigarette, or you will constantly bring the charger with you anywhere you go. Of course, nobody wants this.

Several corporation offer great reduction in their e-cigarette products in the course of making them last longer. Several can save from ½ to ¾ of their monthly and annual expenses in e-cigarettes. Although the savings depend on the usual cigarettes you smoke, the brand of the best electronic cigarette you’re going to buy, and the financial status, electronic cigarettes surely provide you a number of savings.

2. Thicker steam. The word “steam” is more suitable than “smoke” when it comes to electronic cigarette. The best electronic cigarette release clouds that are noticeable but will just lighten in shorter moment than smoke.

Comparable to smoking the real cigarettes, the volume or thickness from the best electronic cigarette matter. For few smokers, they feel more relaxed if they can breathe in more fumes. It makes the lungs filled and content.

3. No escape. The best electronic cigarette is well-built, secured and sturdy. These distinctiveness are critical for all e-cigarettes because they have a liquid mix of propylene glycol, nicotine and vegetable glycerin. If this liquid will just escape, you cannot gain fairly from the electronic cigarette. It will also be messy.

4. Appropriate flavor.  The best electronic cigarette has different flavor. They can be coffee, chocolate, menthol and regular tobacco. Several of the flavors might not suit to your tang. If you don’t want to waste your well-merited money, you must select the flavor that suits you. Or else, you will just heave. Smokers know what the enjoyable flavors are. So, it won’t be that hard to choose which one.

5. Style. If you are a stylish smoker, you can be fashionable as well in your best electronic cigarettes. The fashion you are going to pick may be different according to shape and colors.

These five reasons can really help you pick the best electronic cigarette in the market. They will assist you get the best price, quantity, and quality. There are so many e-cigarette goods today and they may confuse you. Before you purchase one, assess this consideration. The best electronic cigarette should give you the gorgeous experience and not dissatisfaction.

No matter what the reasons are in choosing the best electronic cigarette instead of the standard cig, you can certainly get those from the best brands.


Why is the Electronic Cigarette Popular Today?
Electronic Cigarette Smoking KIt

Why is the Electronic Cigarette Popular Today? 

There are many different opinions involving the use of the electronic cigarette, with many health concerns about the use of this device during the process of quitting smoking. It is also known as the e cigarette and is a battery operated inhaler that contains liquid nicotine that when heated up, vaporizes and is inhaled by the smoker. There is no tobacco included and users choose the amount of nicotine they need in their own electronic cigarette, with many individuals choosing no nicotine at all whilst trying to stop smoking.

Created in 2003 in China by Ruyan and later popularized in the U.S and other countries by 2007, the laws and regulations surrounding the product in the market today have many people concerned about the availability of this device for minors. Many health organizations and the FDA are worried about the lack of accurate research produced on many of the side effects that may occur.
Many ingredients that are harmful to humans were discovered including Diethylene Glycol which is contained in anti-freeze and if inhaled is extremely toxic. Another element that has been linked to causing cancer is Nitrosamine, and Tetramethyl pyrazine which after prolonged exposure has resulted in brain damage. One of the basic components, which are more known to the public, is liquid nicotine and this can cause a number of health problems for human beings.
With the cost of regular cigarettes increasing and the cost of e-cigarettes less than the average traditional pack, they are becoming a popular alternative for smokers who wish to quit. Regular cigarettes contain a large number of toxic chemicals, yet there is no carbon monoxide, toxins or tar involved in using the device. With less pollutants produced in the environment, no second-hand smoke for others and no smoke smell, they are widely becoming a healthier, safer way to smoke and aid with the process of quitting.
Some cities have introduced the use of this product within smoking-prohibited and non-smoking restaurants, bars, cafes and public parks. The vast success rate has become widespread around the world and with more places adding to the demand.
Electronic Cigarette Popular Today

What is Electronic Cigarette?
What is an E-Cigarette

Many individuals are using an electronic cigarette to aid the process of quitting smoking.

Whilst there are many health concerns and opinions surrounding the use of this device to stop smoking, there are an increased number of people trying this product. The electronic cigarette, also known as an e-cigarette is an inhaler operated by a battery that includes liquid nicotine which is heated up and the smoker inhales and exhales the vapor produced. There is no tobacco and the choice of amount of nicotine, if any, is up to the Designed in China by the Ruyan Company in 2003 and brought into the U.S and other markets by 2007, the regulations and law concerning the device make it accessible to minors. The FDA and many health groups are concerned for the side effects that may result after adequate research has not been proven.

The ingredients included in e-cigarettes can be harmful to human beings and include such components as Diethylene Glycol which is generally found in anti-freeze and is potentially toxic if inhaled. There is also Nitrosamine which is can be cancer causing and Tetramethylpyrazine which has been linked to brain damage after prolonged exposure. The basic element, liquid nicotine has been known to cause various health issues for humans.
The cost of this product is less than the average pack of cigarettes today and this has made them popular amongst smokers wishing to quit. There are many toxins and chemicals included in regular cigarettes, and yet there is no tar, toxins or carbon monoxide in these devices. They produce little pollutants for the environment, with no second-hand smoke or smell; they are widely becoming a healthier, more environmentally friendly aid for smokers.
The success rate in the market of these products has had a huge impact on society, allowing people to use them in many public locations such as non- smoking and smoking-prohibited bars, cafes, restaurants and parks. The demand for cities to introduce them into these areas has vastly increased around the world.
The industry for these devices is growing with the popularity of them and many styles and types are available on the market today. A disposable e- cigarette designed for one-time use is called the one-piece; the two-piece isfor the regular smoker and can be refilled by the consumer with refillable nicotine cartridges and any smokers wanting a solution for prolonged use; the three-piece is designed specifically for that need. Different styles that are both practical and functional are also on the market in a variety of colors and flavors suitable for everyone. They include the pen- style, mini, pipe and cigar. With the mini being the most popular for its smaller, convenient size.
What is Electronic Cigarette


There are increasing demands from consumers to produce safer, healthier ways to stop smoking and the electronic cigarette has proven to be convenient and successful for most users. With the amount of people wishing to quit smoking rising every day and more companies ensuring they provide a solution to the problem, the electronic cigarette is expanding rapidly across the world.
What is the Opinion of the Electronic Cigarette?
What is the opinion of the electronic cigarette

Electronic Cigarette is a battery operated device used to aid individuals in quitting smoking.

Widely known as an e-cigarette or electronic cigarette it is an inhaler that generally does not contain tobacco, only liquid nicotine which heats up and is vaporized for the smoker to inhale.

Users can choose the amount of nicotine that the electronic cigarette contains, with the option of no nicotine at all. Although the product is available in most countries, there is controversy surrounding the health risks involved with the use of this product to stop smoking.
Originally, it was created in China by a company called Ruyan in 2003 and introduced to the U.S and other countries by 2007. There are many people worried about the small regulations supporting the product in the market today and health officials are concerned with the side effects that have not been researched accurately by the FDA. These extremely relaxed laws make them accessible to minors which is a deep concern for all. After research began, it was discovered that many harmful ingredients were included in the e-cigarette including; Diethylene Glycol which is an element contained in anti-freeze, it is highly toxic and when inhaled can cause a number of health concerns.

Nitrosamine is another component which ultimately can cause cancer, along with Tetramethylpyrazine which can result in brain damage in humans with prolonged exposure. Liquid nicotine is one of the basic elements contained in this product and it has been proven to be detrimental to humans. There is no carbon monoxide, toxins or tar incorporated in these brands and they tend to cost less than an average pack of regular cigarettes. With no second-hand smoke or smell and no pollutants being produced in the environment it is becoming rapidly popular as an alternative, safer and healthier way to smoke and assist in quitting smoking.

The gradual success rate of this accessory since its introduction has become widespread throughout the world. Some cities have even accepted it to be used in non-smoking or smoking-prohibited public areas like restaurants, cafes, bars and parks.With the popularity growth rising different types and styles are now available on the market. There are mainly three types; a one-piece which is disposable and thrown away when finished, a two-piece which can be refilled using nicotine refill cartridges and a three-piece that is designed for versatility and is generally not advised for a novice.
There are also four styles to choose from including mini, pipe, cigar and the pen-style. The mini comes in various colors and is popular for its smaller shape and delicate look. A variety of flavors are available in all styles to suit the demands from consumers. They are exceptionally practical in appearance and their functionality is appealing to everyone.
Overall, the electronic cigarette is allowing more individuals stop smoking. The increasing demand for a unique method to successfully quit is on the rise globally. With the public wanting a convenient, safe, healthier option to change their lifestyle, the electronic cigarette is expanding and achieving the results many people desire.

electronic cigarette opinion


Buy Electronic Cigarettes Online
Buy Electronic Cigarettes Online

Like almost any other product you can buy electronic cigarettes online with ease and reliability and you can also pick which brands or types you prefer, including regular and menthol electronic cigarettes, as well as disposable and refillable ones. The process is very simple and has the added advantage of giving you detailed information about each product.

Before you buy electronic cigarettes online it’s best to look around because there are lots of different brands and some have better reputations than others, even better if you can find a website that offers you a free trial so you can test their product without spending anything. That is usually the most prudent option especially if you are new to e cigs, however, if a free trial isn’t available there is an option of a mini cigarette which is the size of a regular cig and is usually the cheapest.
When you buy electronic cigarettes online they will typically come in either 2 piece or 3 pieces, the former consists of a cartomizer and battery while the latter has a battery, atomizer and cartridge. The cartomizer is basically an atomizer combined with a cartridge for added convenience, but they are both good quality products. They can also come as regular or menthol electronic cigarettes and of varying sizes, usually mini, mid size or Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APV’s), but the best ones to start with are the mini’s and the APV’s are usually for those who have lots of experience with e cigs and therefore want a more practical product, which allows changing each part as needed. Fortunately, when you buy electronic cigarettes online they usually have similar serial numbers, no matter where you buy from. Some brands may have alternative names for each product but they will all follow a similar style based on the serial number, allowing people to use components from different companies and brands easily.
Menthol electronic cigarettes are fast becoming very popular with smokers, particularly for the health benefits they offer, as opposed to regular menthol cigarettes that are full of tar and carcinogens. Some people just enjoy the menthol flavor and the motions associated with smoking; which is often just as habitual as the nicotine. If you buy electronic cigarettes online you will usually find it cheaper than in most stores, plus there will be a lot more information about individual products, as well as their pros and cons to make the whole experience as simple as possible.
A nice benefit of e cigs is that they let you exhale vapor, usually water, which looks like smoke so it gives you the feeling that you are really smoking, although you know you aren’t it almost tricks your own brain, which in turn helps with cravings and the process of trying to quit. When you buy electronic cigarettes online you will be able to pick what nicotine level and the amount of cartridges you need, so it’s easy to stay organized and hopefully help you stop smoking completely.
Buy Electronic Cigarettes Online

Buy Electronic Cigarettes Online

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Do e Cigarettes Work? Let’s Find Out
Cigars For Women twin pack

Do e cigarettes work? There has been lots of publicity regarding e cigs and it seems necessary to answer this question.

At a first glance electronic cigarettes do seem to be a very beneficial substitute for real cigarettes, especially since they contain very little unhealthy chemicals like tar and cyanide. They can also be bought very easily online and usually are a lot cheaper than normal cigarettes, even disposable e cigs will save people money overall.

Most smokers will undoubtedly have heard of e cigs and wondered how do e cigarettes work, well the simple answer is they work using a battery and cartridge that releases vapor to simulate smoke. You can buy them in several different formats like vapor free or nicotine free, but they all achieve the same result in that they help relieve cravings, but because they are used in exactly the same way as normal cigarettes you also get the motions associated with smoking, which is often missed by smokers when using other methods such as a patch. One of the best ways to find out if e cigarettes work is to try it for yourself, and there are numerous online free e cigarette trials you can use to ensure they are right for you. There are menthol flavors, as well as regular, and also different brands available, each with a slightly unique take on their product, but all a lot healthier and cheaper than real cigarettes. You can buy starter kits which have all the basics you need, you can buy mini kits, travel kits which can also be very nice gifts for your friends and family and there are also variable voltage kits available which allow you to control exactly how much your inhaling.

If you decide to try a free e cigarette trial you will probably be pleasantly surprised about how effective they are, made even easier with websites offering detailed instructions and even starter kits to help first time users. So do e cigarettes work? They save people money and are healthier than normal cigarettes and those two factors seem like good grounds for proving they do work. However, some people say it promotes smoking, which is absurd since only smokers would even contemplate buying this product. It’s highly unlikely a non smoker would start using these instead of real cigarettes so the opponents who disagree with do e cigarettes work are completely wrong.
Do e cigarettes work? Well there is an easy way to find out and that is to try one of many free e cigarette trials and there are plenty available. But it’s important to understand that e cigs are better than almost any other smoking substitute, like gum and inhalators, because they give a real smoking sensation. Although they are not technically a medicinal product, they are every bit as helpful as anything you will find in a chemist.
Do E Cigarettes Work